Monday, April 16, 2012

A story I wrote, Just the intro

The familiar rush of the drug spread up her arm, filling her entire body with an unnatural feeling of warmth. She hated doing it, but her pouch was nearly empty save for a few dollar bills and a copy of the Qur’an, She knew she had too or she’d starve out in the street like any regular orphan.
“I have to do this. I can’t allow myself to starve. To rot in this god forsaken town,” with some sense of reassurance she quietly slipped into the liqueur store. The drug circulated through her veins, she felt almost relaxed, effortlessly blending with the Hispanics in the store.
Her brown complexion radiated against her white “I <3 NY t-shirt,” casually strolling through the midsized store she gave the impression of a teen looking for her parents, but this was only a convenient
Disguise she’d learn to perfect. Indeed, she soon found what she was looking for, the lone security camera that stood alone in the middle of an aisle.
Carefully she fished out a laser pointer from her pocket, the guy who sold it to her said it could disable security cameras, but all she could do was hope he hadn’t cheated her.
“Aren’t you a little too young to be in a liqueur store?”
She had to use all her energy to control herself as she turned around and slipped the laser pointer back into her pocket, to find a fat white man standing in front of her,
“I-I’m looking for my p-parent’s” she managed to converge, “Oh really, At a liqueur store?”
Damn. She hadn’t thought of how stupid that sounded, “You got five seconds to find them or get out little lady,” It was no good to argue. She walked out the store with a growling stomach. No robbery. No money. But worst of all: no food.
 The midnight rain was picking up; the alleyway next to the liqueur store did little to help shelter her from the warm droplets falling from the heavens. She didn’t want to get sick; cough medicine was 12 dollars a bottle, let alone a hospital being 12 grand a day, but she had little choice but to wait under a small roof in the alley until the storm eased up.
Minutes passed with no relief, and worse, the speed she had token was finally starting to wear off. As her mind became her own she could only blame herself over and over again. “If I hadn’t fucked up, I’d have a hot meal and a warm bed tonight, but no, princess was looking for her—“
A loud bang rang out through the alleyway, a shadowy figure stood behind a toppled trash can, he walked tensely towards the girl, it was the same man whom kicked her out the liqueur store only minutes before.
She seemed to take notice, and took that he was only taking out the trash, but when he kept walking towards her she knew something was up, would he call the police? Send her to a prison/ orphanage? “I left the store already, what do you want?”
He was only a few feet away by this time, he said nothing only kept walking, figuring he was going to take her in the store she thought of a quick lie, “My parents just called, they’re on their way,” He seemed to flinch at this for a moment, but kept walking towards her, “Hey! Didn’t you hea—“
For a moment she was engulfed in complete shock, her pouch fell from her hand as two powerful hands latched onto her and threw her against the gravel of the dark alley, the next moment the big man was on top of her, she felt a sudden weakness overcome her. She felt like she was suffocating under his weight, not being able to move. The big man moved over to her T-shirt and in one steady motion ripped it off of her, “you Puerto Rican whore, you want some beer huh? How about some tequila, I’ll give you some tequila alright;”
He sounded like a wild animal, already her stomach was soaked in warm rain, while the man’s furry hands ran up and down her body, thoughts zapped through her head, “what the hell is he doing, is he going to- no, he can’t,” but he was it seemed like, her bra had been thrown to sum slummy corner and her breasts were now in full view. Her small nipples pocked out in the chill of the wind. It was like she was living a nightmare, as the fat man aimed his eyes on her jeans.
I have to do something, I’m not losing my virginity to this creep; the man’s fat fingers were already working on her zipper. “I have to get to the road” she thought as her only hope for safety. Seemingly her body went into auto pilot; throwing one grand kick to the fat man’s jaw was enough to give her the chance to make a break for it. Amazingly she managed to get onto her feet, her jeans now at her ankles exposing her luscious brown thighs covered in damp blue panties (from the rain of course). Her first instinct was to run, but she was smart enough to realize she couldn’t run anywhere with her jeans so low. The man had recovered and was on his feet, “come here you little whore, look how wet you are,” the eagerness in his voice was enough to make her run. She managed barely 2 steps before falling back onto the ground, now her hands were covered in blood, and she had no more cards to play, she could already imagine the intense pain, and the fat mans smell.
Then she caught the glimmer of metal in the gloom, it was her pocket knife. She didn’t even have to think as her hands propelled her body slowly towards the metallic object; it was already unfolded as she had left it when she was going to rob the store. What happened in the next 3 seconds, was a blur: Her panties were ripped off to reveal the small bush of virgin hair, the man’s voice was next to alien, as he revealed his white penis, it looked large from the ground, jumping onto her, as she held the blade up to her chest and closed her eyes…
The rain started to let up, she felt warm liquid flowing freely onto her chest, she opened her eyes to a monstrous sight. The man lay on her eyes open, a blade piercing completely through his throat; the emerging moonlight reflected a vividly dark puddle of blood covering her breasts. The dying man made one last desperate wheeze and then silence fell, tears rolled down her cheeks until sirens broke the stillness of the night.
It was one of the most horrifying sights Officer Raúl had set eyes on, when he pulled up the heavy man’s corpse he expected a dead body underneath, but instead he looked down on a scene that seemed to come out of a movie, her medium sized breasts were dark read, her face resembled that of a ghost, her eyes were indescribably empty. She was completely naked, but his superior didn’t seem to care; in fact he insisted he drive her to the station as to give forensics a chance to investigate the blood bath.
Raúl found himself asking what was there to investigate. Ripped clothes, a young, nude girl, obviously the girl had manage to rid the world another sick bastard.
The patrol car’s engine roared through the mostly empty road. It’s tiring to deal with all the traffic Miami loves to throw at a driver, so Raúl hits the country roads at every opportunity, but it was different this time, he was trying his hardest to focus on the moonlit sky, swarmed by dark rain clouds, instead of the ghost of a formal girl seating in the back seat; but he couldn’t help himself from glancing at the review mirror every so often. She only had a small towel covering her body, but what caught his attention were her eyes. The gloom of the moonlight hit them in an unnatural sort of way reflecting a bright empty green.
She didn’t even look up, caught in her delusion, or wherever her mind had put her in, Raúl kept driving.
A few miles down the road, they were only 3 miles from the station. He looked over to the seat and remembered the chocolate bar he’d boughten before work. A smirk appeared on his lips, always in need in some chocolate he opened it. The sweet aura of chocolate quickly filled the car, almost like a switch Her eyes shot up, focused on the candy bar he was about to take a bite of, “what great luck,” Raúl thought,
“you want some?”
She gave a quick nod, Raul didn’t hesitate to break off a large chunk which she snatched from his hand and ate as quickly as he had given it to her.
While she chewed, Raúl took the opportunity to ease up the tension, “What’s your name kid?”
“My name?”
Her voice cracked in a gentle way, it made Raúl’s back tense, “Yeah?”
“My name is Abir,”
A gush of humid warm air rushed into the car, Raúl swerved the car, He only caught a glimpse of Abir’s body barely missing the pavement while he stomped on the break.
She struggled to get onto her feat, unable to move her right arm, but the desire for freedom fueled her, unstoppable like lead gushing out of a gun’s barrel, she bolted onto her feat and used all of her strength to run and run through the dark and humidity. Her feat sunk into the mud at every step, running into branches of the woods, she kept going in no particular direction until it was hard for her to breathe. She looked back; the woods had swallowed her up. In front of her all that was visible were a few apartments and a man with pepper black hair smoking a cigarette. She stared at him for a long while, she realized she was still naked, and she hadn’t an idea of what to do. But she had to find somewhere or someone she could trust. There was no one; it was only a game of survival at this point.
 Abir started walking foreword, staring at this man’s gray eyes nearing her at every footstep.
Edgar leaned coyly against the brick wall of his apartment, enjoying the view of the moon against the dark clouds of the night. He took a long drag from his cigarette, trying to calm his nerves. Whenever they come to his house to make a delivery, but they always convince him. Any minute now the roar of a pickup truck’s engine would pass by and he’d walk right on over, hand the money, and receive the dope. Still he was fucking nervous, each puff from his cigarette just seemed to intensify the situation.
As if someone new how nervous he was he hears a stick crack, it nearly scared the shit out of his mind.  He turns over in the direction of the noise and see’s the weirdest thing he’s ever seen in his whole life. A girl, covered in nothing but red paint, walking out of the woods the whole time staring at him with bright green eyes.
It took a minute for his mouth to work, she was only yards away by the time he manage to spit out,
“Oh my god, are you okay?”
But the girl said not a word; she only reached up to put her hand on his shoulder. A long minute passed, Edgar had dropped his cigarette at the mere sight of her, he was stumbling to pull out his phone, when a weak voice stopped him, “I need you to trust me.” Her eyes were empty and cold at these words, but Edgar always had this crazy fantasy of helping someone, of actually making a difference…. He felt he wanted to trust her, to help her.

He felt himself nod. A loud truck horn interrupted the moment, “Oh shit,” It was the package, “umm, my apartment is just up there, room 53, you can’t miss it, the key is in the crack at the bottom of the wall beside the door, I’ll be up there in a minute.” He ran out towards the truck, they were about to pull off, but stopped midway when they saw Edgar. He threw them a wallet full of bills through the car’s window, and they handed him a black bag with at least 3 grams of tar. No sirens, no screams, the truck was already gone. Everything had gone smooth. He sighed with relief before jogging his way back to his apartment, the door was wide open and the girl lay motionless on the couch. The room smelled of animal. The girl was asleep or dead… Either way Edgar’s nerves were on fire.

An hour passed, He’d made dark coffee and sprayed cheap air freshener. The girl hadn’t awoken yet, so he decided to calm his nerves, on a plain wooden table sat a syringe and a clean needle and the black bag.
He pulled back on the plunger and let the blood mix in with the black tar inside the reservoir. He took a breath and pushed down.  The warm feeling of euphoria filled him completely and intensely, the chemical made itself around his entire body, no pain, nor worry, only warmth and safety.
He hadn’t realized the girl had awoken at the sound of him noisily feeling the syringe with the drug. She stared at him now with a blank look. Still naked and covered in blood, she grabbed the blanket Edgar had given her when he came in an hour ago, and walked over to him while he was experiencing his high, “feels good?” Edgar looked over at her enjoying the last minute of his high with an odd look of relaxation, “uh huh,”
“Can I try some?”
Edgar motioned his head over to the black bag filled with tar, she seemingly grabbed the syringe from the floor, wiping it with an alcohol wipe, and prepared it with the tar.
Edgar was just coming off the high when he realized what she was doing; it was too late to make any movement. She’d already pushed down on the plunger.
Abir felt herself in another world, completely black at first then, warm, with a rushing light. She felt like she’d seen the face of god and had held his hand, The feeling of warmth was still their when she finally felt herself return to the apartment’s kitchen. “My name is Abir” she said in a relaxed voice. Edgar looked at her in terror, what had he done?

Her body quivered for a moment, and veins popped, you could see the black substance moving down her vein. He’d already grabbed the blankets off his bed and thrown them over at her; they draped over her thin body. That seemed to calm her, her eyes rolled back and she closed them, asleep not dead. Hopefully. Edgar had seen overdoses before, they were much more violent, and this wasn’t one of them. The drug was almost out of him… he laid down beside the naked girl whose name is apparently Abir, and shut his eyes. The last image he remembered was that of the spilled coffee.
The smell of oil and meat filled the room, Edgar looked up to a girl with a frying pan in one hand a knife in the other, Strange she was wearing the most queerest outfit, a big brown t-shirt and 3 sizes too big jeans… wait they were his jeans. She turned around, she was so skinny, a voice not too used to talking arose,
“All I could find to cook was sliced turkey, I hope you don’t mind me wearing your clothes”
“uhh, not at all, what is this?”
“I think its called breakfast.”
She smiled to that, but Edgar knew a fake smile when he saw one,
“I don’t even know who you are, and you’re in here cooking my turkey, what the hell do you think this is?”
She put down the pan, and slipped the knife into one of the jean pockets and walked towards him. The hairs on Edgar’s neck quivered at the sudden turn in the room,
“I have something to ask you,”
Their faces were separated only by a few inches, Edgar felt her eyes locked on his,
“Can I stay here for a little while”
Their faces were only inches apart, eye to eye Edgar looked down. He thought about it for a moment, the answer was clear.
The only sound in the room was that of sizzling turkey, they stayed like that for at least a minute until the sweet smell of fresh meat was replaced with that of overcooked, blackened, and burned turkey. Her green eyes closed, for a second it look like she was about to cry, but she opened them right up, and her face was as neutral and emotionless as ever. Not a word was spoken she turned around and he saw her leave in saggy jeans and large t shirt.

End part 1

Ch. 1 Alone
The white shoes she had borrowed from the drug addict were stained red from the wet soil she had walked in. The woods were completely empty and quite save for the occasional dripping of water from the branches and leaves high up above. It had been almost 2 hours of walking, and she could tell she was nearing a river from the loud gushing of water enfused by the recent rain.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amateur literature

By a student

I want to beat the walls and scream with the hatred I feel
Want to claw my face off
Feel my nails sinking into my eyes and ripping the skin off my cheeks.
I want to peel the mask off, feel teeth against flesh
And nail against bone
Dragging and gnawing and removing everything between the outside world
 and this thing I call a soul.
And when I get there
Finally unleashing myself from the one thing I can never escape
I will protect it from everything else.
Everything else is weak.
My mind is the one true thing I fear, 
the one thing I have to protect myself from
The one thing that can thrive despite all else.
But what if I strip my skin off
Bury my fingers into the abyss of bone
The eye sockets of my skullAnd find that there is nothing?
What if I have destroyed everything I know
My body
My mind
To find out that there is no me inside?
 What then?

By a Student

She stirred. 
Engulfed in the oblivion of a lucid dream.
Mind awake, body asleep. 
Despite her frozen being, She sensed danger, she smelled her own fear. 
Even as she sleeps she replays last nights events again and again. 
A nightmare within a nightmare. 

He came in, the scent of Whiskey and cigars flooding her room.
She sat in a corner, her doll In one hand and blanket In the other. 
He snatched them and screamed at her to get on the bed.
 She scrambled, eyes pooling. 
Suddenly, her small, fragile body was Naked, and he was on top of her.
 She cringed at the weight of him and her eyes became fixed on the ceiling as he covered her mouth. Regardless of how many times it happened, the pain was always the same, and sometimes worse.
Sooner or later, it ended, 

And it brought her back to her current thoughts. 
Finally she began to sleep and dream of a childhood 
Where being daddy's girl was a good thing.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Quick Goodmorning

Gotta love the beautiful morning's we get down here in Georgia

Expect more posts later this afternoon,
Happy morning from your friends here

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A few Black and White Photos

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 Night guys, will have some literature out tomorrow, till then enjoy the photos

Monday, April 9, 2012

Today's Literature


I chase what abandons me
desire what deserts me.
 pain is love.
happiness is treachery.

By: Zoe Simmons, of Atlanta


When the day is finally over
And the night slips by
Do you dare
 stare into my eyes?

Who are you
And who am i
What have we become
On this lonely night
Nothings quite the same
Never quite right.
It seems that
Blue cant be blue
That Light isn't light
The only truth
That can be truth
The only reasoning
That we call reason
Is darkness
The sound darkness that covers  all
And forgives none
From the bottom of our hearts
To the top of our souls
There is a shadow
Cast by the very light
That we call morality
That we say is right
That poorly attempts
to go against
The nature
That is night

Darkness unfolds
As umbra controls
The very essence
the very hands that hold our sad sorry minds.

By Alejandro of Atlanta

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Opening the Eye

To give an Idea

of what kind of blog this is, the next 24 hours we will post 3 more "articles" This is just an opening, you have to understand that we are not only dealing with photographs, but also with abstract art and some amateur literature, this is solely recreational, and by no means are we trying to market this.

We hope you enjoy!

Pay no attention to the steaming poop :)
The grand city of Atlanta