Thursday, April 12, 2012

Amateur literature

By a student

I want to beat the walls and scream with the hatred I feel
Want to claw my face off
Feel my nails sinking into my eyes and ripping the skin off my cheeks.
I want to peel the mask off, feel teeth against flesh
And nail against bone
Dragging and gnawing and removing everything between the outside world
 and this thing I call a soul.
And when I get there
Finally unleashing myself from the one thing I can never escape
I will protect it from everything else.
Everything else is weak.
My mind is the one true thing I fear, 
the one thing I have to protect myself from
The one thing that can thrive despite all else.
But what if I strip my skin off
Bury my fingers into the abyss of bone
The eye sockets of my skullAnd find that there is nothing?
What if I have destroyed everything I know
My body
My mind
To find out that there is no me inside?
 What then?

By a Student

She stirred. 
Engulfed in the oblivion of a lucid dream.
Mind awake, body asleep. 
Despite her frozen being, She sensed danger, she smelled her own fear. 
Even as she sleeps she replays last nights events again and again. 
A nightmare within a nightmare. 

He came in, the scent of Whiskey and cigars flooding her room.
She sat in a corner, her doll In one hand and blanket In the other. 
He snatched them and screamed at her to get on the bed.
 She scrambled, eyes pooling. 
Suddenly, her small, fragile body was Naked, and he was on top of her.
 She cringed at the weight of him and her eyes became fixed on the ceiling as he covered her mouth. Regardless of how many times it happened, the pain was always the same, and sometimes worse.
Sooner or later, it ended, 

And it brought her back to her current thoughts. 
Finally she began to sleep and dream of a childhood 
Where being daddy's girl was a good thing.

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