Monday, April 9, 2012

Today's Literature


I chase what abandons me
desire what deserts me.
 pain is love.
happiness is treachery.

By: Zoe Simmons, of Atlanta


When the day is finally over
And the night slips by
Do you dare
 stare into my eyes?

Who are you
And who am i
What have we become
On this lonely night
Nothings quite the same
Never quite right.
It seems that
Blue cant be blue
That Light isn't light
The only truth
That can be truth
The only reasoning
That we call reason
Is darkness
The sound darkness that covers  all
And forgives none
From the bottom of our hearts
To the top of our souls
There is a shadow
Cast by the very light
That we call morality
That we say is right
That poorly attempts
to go against
The nature
That is night

Darkness unfolds
As umbra controls
The very essence
the very hands that hold our sad sorry minds.

By Alejandro of Atlanta

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